Vertical system for hospitalization and intensive care areas for double or single use rooms.
  • 2 channel Max

  • 2 side technical rail

Medical gas outlets located in the front of the panels in HPL, available in a wide range of colours or in wooden effect.


Consta de dos perfiles de aluminio, uno en cada lateral doblando la capacidad de enchufes, tomas de datos, etc.




Roble Cartagena/liso

Roble Iroite/Matt

Roble Memphis

Roble Chicago

Gris Cálido

Gris Seda

Gris Leza


Crema 01

Azul Eo

Technical Vertical Channel with horizontal module for lighting, it is the perfect and discreet solution for hospitalization areas, painted with epoxy-polyester in matt white or silver grey, other colors also available on request.
  • 2 channel Small

  • 2 side technical rail

Special attention has been paid to visual comfort, being the light source not directly visible in order to avoid glaring to patients and healthcare staff.

Vertical channel with internal division for the location of medical gases and electrical equipment with easy access for the user, profile and front cover made of Aluminum fixed by clipping without visible screws.


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