Its range of products integrates accessible night lighting, reading and ambient lighting, electrical sockets and medical gas outlets.

In hospitalization, residence and intensive care, lines Ardys, Trazzo and Oval offers all the functionality and versatility of NorClinic.

When the light should be more than ever companion, reference and support NorClinic is placed in the header.



Wall mounted Bed head unit designed to meet requirements of different hospitalization areas, for one bed, with possibly forming continuous lines for several beds.



New concept of BHU specially designed to improve the patient comfort and to reach a homely ambient in day hospitals and geriatric areas.



The new suspended unit OVAL combines functionality and aesthetics in order to facilitate medical care and optimize the distribution of equipment in intensive care units.


Sense of technology

We are experts in technology. And this is thanks to our experience. What we know and do is the fruit of more than 40 years of work, all for one same goal: to search for the excellence in our products that guarantees the trust of our customers.


NormaGrup combines company diversity in our production with the goal of offering our clients even more expert solutions to their specific needs. There are five divisions within its structure:


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